A gummy smile is a major problem that distorts the aesthetics of the situation. It is called gingival gums when talking and laughing. Gummy smile under the upper lip is more than 2-3 mm visible when talking or laughing. 

Interestingly, the problem is more frequent in women than in men. Some researchers estimate that there is abnormal gingival showing in around 14% of women and 7% of men.

What causes Gummy Smile?

There are many causes but the most common ones are;

Teeth that appear short 

Teeth that are small due to genetics or wear compared to the gums

Too short upper lip

Long or enlarged gums

An overgrowth of the upper jaw

It is all about integrity. When one piece of the smile puzzle is missing, it can throw everything off. 

How Do You Treat A Gummy Smile?

Injections: The treatment creates a greater perception of teeth than it is. It is treated by reducing the overreaction of the muscles that affect the smile. Botulinum toxin is used in the treatment, depending on the situation 2 or 4, sometimes 5 injections can be done at different points. 

Laser reshaping: We would carefully cut away some of the gum with a laser.

Orthodontics: This works better in children and braces can help structure the teeth as they expand and prevent the development of a gummy smile.

How long does gummy smile treatment last?

The injections are painless but you may get a slight bruise in the injection area and the effect lasts up to 4-6 months.

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