Dental Implants

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Dental implants are made of titanium and other components that combine and mimic the root of a tooth with the jawbone.  This artificial root helps the dentist to protect your new teeth so that they remain healthy and mix with your surrounding teeth.   Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to be put under extra pressure. Our high quality dental implants in our clinic in Turkey will provide protection in the way your normal teeth do, reducing the chances of injury to your jawbone. In other words, it is a  way of changing your smile and self-confidence. 

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Because dental implants require one or more surgical operations, a comprehensive assessment is required to prepare for the procedure, including:

Comprehensive dental examination : Dental x-rays and 3D images are taken, models made of your teeth and jaw are designed.

Reviewing your medical history : You should give your dentist in Turkey information about the medicines and / or supplements you have used with or without a prescription.

If you have chronic heart disease or have orthopedic implants, your physician may recommend antibiotics before surgery to prevent infection.

Treatment plan:  This plan, adapted to your specific situation, takes into account factors such as how many teeth you need, the condition of your jawbone and the remaining teeth.

Dental implants in Turkey is an outpatient surgery that is usually done in stages. The process of placing a dental implant involves several steps, including:

  • Removing the damaged tooth,
  • When necessary, jaw bone preparation (grafting) is performed,
  • Dental implant placement,
  • Growth and recovery of the bone,
  • Bridge layout,
  • Placement of the artificial tooth.

After the completion of dental implant work, there are no restrictions on the type of food you can eat. You can enjoy crunchy snacks, chewy foods, hot or cold drinks without any concerns, but it's important to avoid overindulging in sugary treats.

Dental Implants

Why are dental implants necessary?

If you have missing teeth and cannot use dentures, bridges, or crowns, dental implants may be necessary. It is important to replace missing teeth as they can lead to bigger problems over time, and dental implants can improve both the function and appearance of your mouth. This explains when dental implants may be a suitable solution.

How much time does implant procedure require?

It typically takes two visits to Turkey for  dental implant treatment . During the first visit, the dental implants will be placed, and then you should wait for a minimum of 3 months for the implants to fuse with the jawbone. The second visit involves the fitting of permanent dental implants, completing the treatment. However, it's important to note that Same Day Implant treatment is also available in Turkey, which involves an 8 to 10-day first phase and a 7-day second phase.

Is dental implant procedure painful?

People often have misconceptions about the dental implant process. Firstly, you will be given local anesthesia to numb your mouth, so you won't feel any pain during the procedure. However, after the procedure, you may experience some discomfort. Secondly, our dentists in Turkey work in a highly  sterile environment , which greatly reduces the risk of infection. In addition, many people report that the dental implant procedure is less painful than  tooth extraction . Therefore, you should not hesitate to opt for  dental implant treatment  in Turkey!


Are there any alternatives to dental implants?

Depending on the condition of your teeth and jawbone, our dentists will give information about bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatment.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Enhanced Look:   Because they are fused with the bone, dental implants stay permanent. Also, they look like your own teeth so they will feel like your own.

Improved speech:   Your teeth may cause you to mumble your words. Dental implants eliminate this slip in your mouth.

Easier eating:   You may feel sensitivity or pain while chewing food. Implants make it easier for you to eat your favorite foods.

Improved self-esteem:   Implants definitely will give your self-confidence and smile back!

Durability:   Implants will last for many years. If you take care of your teeth well, they will last a lifetime.


In which situations is implant application risky?

It should be known that implant application is risky in certain situations. These situations;

  • Diabetes and chronic cardiovascular conditions
  • Young people whose bone development is incomplete
  • Pregnancy
  • People with high smoking
  • Alcohol and drug addicts
  • Those who receive high-dose radiotherapy in the head and neck region
  • High blood pressure and connective tissue problems
  • Implant treatment will be a risky intervention in cases such as hemophilia and immune system problems.

Is implant required in each dental cavity?

Dental implants in Turkey can be applied to all oral cavities with sufficient bone thickness and length. However, not every toothless area may be sufficient and suitable for implant placement. In order for the screwed teeth to be placed in a healthy way, it is necessary to have a thick and long bone area that will contain the volume covered by the implant and that will surround the screwed tooth.

Especially in case of single tooth deficiencies, neighboring teeth can move towards the empty space over the years and there may not be a gap at the level to allow implantation in this area. In such cases, if the teeth are not returned to their old places with orthodontic treatment, it is not possible to make dental implants, and prosthesis construction by abrading neighboring teeth is the only alternative. Patients who want to have dental implant treatment in the area with a single tooth cavity start implant treatment without waiting for a long time will eliminate this risk.

In cases where there are two or three teeth missing side by side, but neighboring teeth cover a part of this tooth cavity, one or two dental implants can be placed in the area and a prosthesis can be made to cover the other parts. However, in this case, both implant planning and prosthesis planning are extremely important in terms of aesthetics. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to meet aesthetic expectations.

The implant is not required for each missing tooth, it is possible to make a screwed interdental bridge in the jaw areas with more than one tooth loss. For example, if the lower jaw bone condition of a person who has lost all teeth in his lower jaw is suitable for placing screw teeth of the desired length and diameter, even with the application of 5 or 6 implants, 14 fixed bridge prosthesis has become possible. In other words, 5 implants can carry 14 teeth in terms of biomechanics. So, you may need full teeth implants.


How long do dental implants last?

The life of the dental implant also varies according to whether the patient is exposed to other diseases, the care given to teeth and gums, and the frequency of control applied by the dentist for dental health. If you completely fulfill all conditions and have not been exposed to any disease, you can achieve a successful result that you can use your implant treatment for a lifetime. However, depending on other factors, the average life of implant treatment is around twenty to thirty years. In order for an implant transplantation to be successful and the longest lasting, all other factors aside, especially oral and dental hygiene should be paid enough, maybe even more attention. The more attention is paid to oral hygiene, the more long-lasting dental implants you will get.


Are there any disadvantages of implants?

We are turning disadvantages into advantages in the way that we offer high quality service with cheapest prices. We guarantee you will receive the best treatment and attention from our professional dentists. In terms of dental implant treatment cost, you will definitely save money when you get implants. The only disadvantage we can say is that it takes a couple of months for full recovery but the result is worth waiting.


Which dental implant brand do we use?

We use Straumann which is one of best dental implant brands in the world as well as Osstem. If you want to have long term success, think about getting implants in our clinic in Turkey.

Straumann dental implants are the finest dental implants of quality; to achieve the highest performance, the Straumann device combines the finest materials and the newest technologies. Straumann dental implants, as well as greater efficiency and improved appearance, offer optimal levels of functionality.

They are preferred because they are optimally combined with oral tissue, the  treatment process  is rapid and easy, and the recovery is fast.

Variability; Straumann dental implants can support single crowns, dental bridges or dentures, making them an effective treatment for patients with any number of teeth missing.

Dental implant treatment cost Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey are not the cheapest option available, as we use only the best brands in the world to ensure our patients' health and safety. We prioritize our patients' well-being, as well as providing affordable denture implant costs. If you're wondering about dental implant costs, we offer the best prices. Please refer to our treatments page for more information on pricing.

If you consider getting dental implants in Turkey, please make sure to get more information from us.

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