What is E-Max Laminate Veneer?

The best smile makeover in 5-10 days will be given by Veneers Turkey. For the most reasonable prices, our clinic will supply you with the finest veneers.

A dental veneer is a topical substance frequently prescribed to enhance the quality of teeth by a dentist. For issues like missing or broken teeth, dental veneers may complement other treatments, such as crowns. To think exactly what dental veneers are, read on.

E-max Veneer is a new generation of aesthetic dental coating treatment. It is a treatment method especially applied for the aesthetic appearance of the front teeth. As it is a treatment with aesthetic anxiety, it is generally applied to the incisors in front.

If you have image impairment in your front teeth and have lack of self-confidence, E-max veneer is the most preferred tooth coating used in this sense. However, its application to the front teeth increases its durability. Long-term treatments such as implants and Zirconium are preferred for incisors and disintegrating teeth. 

Turkey’s most common option among patients throughout the world is zirconium porcelain veneers. Any mistake in your own teeth could be concealed by zirconium, and zirconium veneers could offer a perfect straight white smile.

We absolutely suggest zirconium porcelain veneers, especially if the patient has crowded teeth or holes. If you want to look at Turkey veneers before and after images, please check our web-site for the transformations.

The procedure of getting E-max Veneers

Firstly, the patient’s teeth and facial profile will be examined.

Then a design for the veneers is selected, based on the results. This is accompanied by a ‘trial smile’ which demonstrates in wax the chosen style. Any necessary treatment plan will be agreed with the patient.

There will be a preparation of teeth after the necessary scans are sent to the lab.

A temporary veneer is then fitted.

Finally, fitting of the final E-max veneers begins after the veneers have been received from the lab.

Who can get E-max Veneers?

People who do not like their structure and aesthetic quality of their visible teeth.

People with misaligned, misshapen or crooked teeth.

People who have chipped teeth and teeth with inconsistent spacing and gaps.

What are the benefits of E-max Veneers in Turkey?

Not time consuming

Less likely to chip

No requirement of tooth etching or drilling

A stronger, more secure bond than dentin-bonding and

Higher aesthetic quality

Very affordable and high quality of products

How much time does getting E-max veneers take?

The whole procedure takes a week to 10 days, but this is the case if you are looking for full mouth e-max veneers in Turkey. Your treatment can be done in just one visit if you do not want full mouth veneers.

How long do E-max laminate veneers last?

It lasts 5 to 20 years if cared properly.

NOTE:   If the patient has already crowns, we cannot use E-max Veneers.

Veneer Prices in Turkey

The cost of veneers depends on a variety of considerations, including the following:
The number of veneers that you get
The geographical area where you live, territory, state or town
The difficulty of the process
Cosmetic dental treatments are known as veneers. You’re also unlikely to have an insurance company to cover these expenses.
The cost of veneers is expensive in most situations. A single veneer attachment for porcelain could cost up to £ 1,000 in the UK per tooth. So, you cannot find any cheap porcelain veneers in UK compared to veneers in Turkey. You would have to pay tens of thousands on the process if you were to have several veneers. Veneers start from £ 100 to £ 250 in Turkey.

It’s just an alternative to fly to Turkey to reduce the cost of your operation. It’s critical that you first find a good oral surgeon like our experienced dentists in Turkey.

You may explore options that will cost you less if dental veneers are entirely out of the budget limit. Dentures or tooth whitening processes, for example, may also enhance the look of teeth.

If you’re a patient from a developing world, flying to Turkey to get veneers is incredibly pricey. To help tourists, the tourist-friendly nation has inexpensive lodging and low travelling costs. Veneers Turkey gives you the world’s most reasonable cost.

Treatment or Holiday? Why not Both!

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treatment details

  • Operation Duration
    1 Day
  • Return to Work Period
    3 Days
  • Recovery Time
    8-10 Weeks
  • Hotel Accommodation
    2-5 Days
  • Location
    Kusadasi, Turkey