When Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Necessary?

In cases where adequate cleaning and care cannot be done due to its location and position, it is necessary to withdraw because of the development of caries over time and not to damage other neighboring teeth.
Due to the pressure of wisdom teeth on the front teeth, if there is a possibility of disrupting the order of other teeth in the mouth, causing perplexity, or if orthodontic treatment is necessary to correct this, dentists should extract wisdom teeth.

Completely impacted wisdom teeth begin to erupt over time as a result of the pressure on the palate prosthetic teeth. If dentists do not make the necessary radiological evaluations, nobody can understand that these teeth are in the mouth. Some time after dentists make the denture, the wisdom teeth rub into the mouth and may disrupt the fit of the prosthesis. In such cases, dentists should extract wisdom teeth before prosthesis.

Cyst formation is often around the wisdom teeth and if people neglect, it can grow too much and cause bone loss. In such cases, they need extraction.

Too much food residue can accumulate between wisdom teeth with half-formed gums and neighboring teeth. Since there will be excessive bacteria accumulation here, it can cause various gum problems and decays. In such cases, it also need extraction.

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Problems that the wisdom tooth can cause

Although jaw development completes, teeth that do not take the correct position and that may damage the neighboring teeth need teeth extraction as soon as dentists recognise them. These do not cause pain. Decayed wisdom tooth extraction will be much more difficult if tooth parts are missing or broken.

In case of infection or abscess, patients will first take antibiotics, mostly infection-related pain will occur and patients will experience troublesome days. For this reason, patients should consider having surgery in the absence or occurrence of infection.

Since recovery will be easier at younger ages, dentists recommend tooth extraction between the ages of 17-22. As the age progresses, recovery difficulties, stress will be more and abscess formation may develop.

In addition, it will be difficult to shoot in heart disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases at later ages, recovery difficulties may increase, and in some serious diseases, these teeth may not be extracted at all.

What to Do After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The amount of wisdom tooth pain and swelling that occurs after the operation may vary depending on the nature of the surgery and the position of the extracted tooth.

After surgery, you should pay attention to:

Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief

A mild pain and swelling can be seen for 3-7 days after the operation. In rare cases, this swelling may spread to the cheek.

Cold application after the procedure may reduce swelling.
You should consume soft and warm foods for the first few days. Do not use hot foods and alcohol.

You should avoid exercise and exertion that can increase your blood pressure, it can cause bleeding in the wound that has not yet healed.
Smoking impairs clot formation and healing. Consider quitting for a few days.
If possible, go to bed early and sleep longer on the night of the surgery.

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