Cheaper Veneers in Turkey

Turkey is among the world’s top countries in terms of both service quality and patient satisfaction as it comes to dental care and dental hygiene. Turkey, which stands out for its quality of service, low cost and high level of dental work, invites patients to get dental treatments from all over the world, especially from European countries.

Cheapest Veneers in Turkey

The key reasons for the better veneer prices are the reduced costs of educating dentists to the appropriate standards, and the operating costs of running a business are normally much lower than in the UK. In Turkey, the costs of the same treatments are between 50 percent and 70 percent on average back in the United Kingdom. This is because the related costs of educating dentists and dental laboratory technicians are much lower in Turkey, as are the costs of operating the business. You must take transportation and accommodation into the consideration, of course, but this also comes out way cheaper than veneers costs in the UK. You can look into our full dental holiday package in Kusadasi which includes everything such as hotel guest privileges, accommodation, transportation from hotel to clinic, clinic to airport via VIP car and 24/7 service to our patients from abroad.

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Inexpensive Living Costs

There are reasons why veneers are cheaper in Turkey than in the UK. When you compare prices using the Bigmac Index, Turkey was recently selected as the cheapest cost of living nation. And you could save about 70 percent on your dental holiday in Turkey as you evaluate all of the benefits from dental travel to Turkey.

Value of Turkish Lira

As you know, 1£ is equal to 10 TL today. Since the value of Turkish Lira is very low, you can save your money up to %80 on your dental treatment in Turkey. That is one of the reasons why veneers cost, implants cost, crowns cost are very affordable. However, if you go to a bigger city in Turkey, the prices will go up because its cost for living will be higher. You can consider our dental clinic in Kusadasi, Dentist Travel Turkey, which is 1 hour drive away from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Our staff will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel or clinic as well. 

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