Can children get dental crowns?

Crowns are not always for baby teeth, understandably, since the teeth themselves will come out after a few years.

However, there are certain situations in which a child may need a crown, such as:

  • If a child has a very badly fractured deciduous (baby) molar tooth,
  • When they have an infected deciduous molar tooth nerve,
  • If they have serious grinding or erosion wear, or both
  • If their teeth have not properly developed,
  • As a temporary measure, since they’re too young to get an adult crown indefinitely.

The first two ones are certainly the most popular reasons for crowns for kids.

children crowns

Kids have very short attention spans, little mouths, spit buckets, and don’t necessarily want to be at the dentist (like I know a lot of adults!). The notion of an appointment for an hour to arrange a crown is not practical at all, but there is a new strategy. Like adult crowns, technicians does not produce children’s crowns in the laboratory and so they do not require an impression to be taken or a temporary placement.

To make way for the crown, the children should be under local anesthesia. Also, dentists should remove all caries and shorten the tooth height and sides a little. Then, they cement the crown in and bold to the tooth.

Success rates on deciduous molars on these types of crowns are very high and most remain in place until the tooth is no longer functioning. As a result, childrens can get a dental crown.

 Is there an age limit for crowns?

Placing a crown or a veneer during a growing phrase, will mean the margins, instead of sitting at the gum, will move up as the tooth continues to erupt and children can compromise after just a short period of time. Thus, for this reason, dentists should not perform cosmetic dentistry – such as veneers, crowns and implants until teeth maturity, generally at about 17/18 years of age.

When the tooth is fully erupted there is also more height and therefore more retention for placing the adult crown- meaning a better longer lasting crown and the older they get, the more tolerable of longer treatment they tend to become. So, children can get crowns under certain circumstances, but the age limit for dental crowns is 18 with exceptions.

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