Implants vs Prosthesis-Which one is better?

Replacing missing teeth can not only increase confidence, but also improve chewing and speech, improve oral health, and restore your facial appearance. While implant teeth and dentures are both acceptable dental restoration methods, dental implants have many advantages over prosthesİs.

Differences Between Implant and Prosthetic Teeth?

Below is a brief description of both teeth replacement techniques;
Implant Tooth: Dentists place a titanium or zirconium implant in the jawbone and acts as the root of the tooth. They cover the implant with a bridge or crown and it provides a natural looking tooth replacement.
Prosthetic Tooth: Dentists use a removable part that resembles both teeth and gums to replace teeth and surrounding tissues. They can use a full set of prosthetic teeth when all teeth are missing, and partial dentures where some natural teeth still remain.

Why Are Dental Implants Better Than Prosthesis?

Dentists widely use both dental implants and prosthesis in dentistry Turkey today. However, dental implants are superior in the following aspects.

A Permanent and Durable Solution

Dentists place the implant into the jawbone and the mouth permanently. Dentures are removable devices and can bend or break under hot water. Adjusting, repairing or replacing is necessary for dentures within seven years. Dental implants are safe, durable and last a lifetime.

Optimum Function and Performance

Both dental implants and prostheses are similar in function to normal teeth. However, dentures can slip or interfere with speech, which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Since dentists place dental implants in the jaw like real teeth, they are associated with better chewing and speaking ability than prostheses.

Better Hygiene

Patients can brush and floss the implant tooth normally. On the other hand, they have to remove prostheses for special cleaning. Not only is this inconvenient, it also leaves more margin for error in cleaning. Since dental implants do not require a special cleaning routine, they are a better option for oral hygiene.

Prevent Bone Loss and Tooth Erosion

It can cause wear and sagging of the prosthetic gums and does not protect against jaw bone loss. This can ultimately cause your jawbone to warp in shape, which can spoil your facial appearance and age prematurely. Dental implants are in the jawbone and they prevent bone loss and deterioration of both the jawbone and gums. With dental implants, you can preserve your natural jaw shape and protect your smile.

A More Comfortable Experience

Dental implants feel like natural teeth. Most people don’t even notice them. The new prosthesis can irritate the gums and cause mouth sores due to friction.

An Authentic Smile

The implant tooth looks completely natural and is compatible with the surrounding teeth. The new artificial tooth acts and looks like a real tooth while providing a general smile makeup. The results can help you regain confidence in your smile and be proud of your new teeth.


Who Can Have An Implant?

The first step is to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for this procedure; This means that you visit a professional and trained dentist in Turkey to make sure whether the bone in the area is sufficient and strong enough to hold a new tooth.
If there is weakening in the jawbone, a bone graft should be used to strengthen the area. Once this is complete, a titanium cylinder is permanently screwed into the jawbone to act as an artificial root. The area needs to heal within three to six months to support integration with the jawbone. Following the integration of the new root, a ceramic tooth is permanently bonded to provide a natural looking result. The implant can replace one or more teeth without the need for a tooth, bridge or prosthetic tooth. You can get high quality implants (Straumann and Osstem brand) with very cheap prices from our professional dentists in Turkey.