Wisdom Teeth Removal Self-Care Advice from Turkish Orthodontists

  • Patients can take medicines tthat dentists prescribe to relieve their pain after Wisdom Teeth Removal in Turkey.
  • After a day, they can continue their oral and dental healthcare. 
  • They should eat soft food.
  • They should not drink hot beverages.
  • Patients definitely should not drink alcohol and smoke.
  • They can sleep with an extra pillow to feel more comfortable.

Can Patients Work and Drive After Wisdom Teeth Removal in Turkey

Our orthodontists advise their patients to get three days off. However, in the situations that orthodontists use general anaesthetics for the surgery, patients need to wait to feel awake to drive. On the other hand, they can drive if their orthodontist operates Wisdom Teeth Removal surgery locally. 

When to Return Normal After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Patients should take their antibiotics and painkillers regularly during their healing period. Their face and mouth return to normal when the bruises and swellings have gone after Wisdom Teeth Removal. They can continue their oral and dental healthcare normally. Their orthodontist may arrange a check-up appointment to see if there are any stitches left. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Possible Complications After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After Wisdom Teeth Removal, there is a small possibility to have some small complication such as:

  • non-stop bleeding ( a little bit bleeding is normal after the operation. If it does not stop, inform your dentist please.)
  • having infection. If you think that your teeth have an infection after the operation, call your dentist immediately. The infection signs are swelling too much, high fever and white and yellow excretion.
  • If you think that your nerves are injured. Numbness and tingling are the signs of nerve injury.
  • dry socket. It is like a toothache. Patients can feel a bad taste and smell coming from the tooth socket. This may happen in a week after the surgery. Orthodontists warn their patients about smoking and drinking alcohol because of this before Wisdom Teeth Removal.