As a result of gingival recession, bacteria that move towards the roots of the tooth accumulate in the grooves in the gums. Ignoring this situation may cause tooth loss and jawbone damage.

The sooner the gingival recession is intervened to prevent tooth loss, the higher the success rate will be.

In this article, we provide information about practical and affordable herbal treatment methods that you can try for gum recession.

Herbal Treatment Methods for Gingival Recession

Chamomile: It has been scientifically proven that chamomile can be as effective as mouthwash on the market for gum health. You can try chamomile for the treatment of existing gum recession, you should also use it to protect health gums. For this method, brew a few teaspoons of chamomile with a glass of boiling water just like tea. You can use the cooked and drained chamomile tea every day like a mouthwash.

Sage: When you drink sage regularly, you can remove the bacteria in the mouth, and when you add licoricey root, you can increase the antibacterial properties of sage.

RECEDING GUMS: TREATMENT PictureMint: You can try using mint tea as a mouthwash as an herbal treatment for gingivitis. For this, it is enough to brew a glass of water and a spoonful of mint together. You may want to consider chewing gum as it contains mint. However, chewing the raw mint leaves instead of chewing gum is much more beneficial for your dental health.

You can protect your gums by brewing some herbs as tea and using them instead of mouth water, and by consuming some herbs as food.

To protect the gums from infections caused by bacteria. Consume more mouth-friendly herbs such as;


Licoricey root


What Is Good for Gingival Recession?

Small changes you will make in your daily life habits can make your gum recession treatment much faster.

Taking care of daily oral care is the first step in the treatment of all gum problems.

First, those who have a smoking habit are asked to quit smoking for at least a while.

You can brush teeth with baking soda or salt to prevent bacteria from growing. With their antibacterial properties, these products help keep the mouth hygienic throughout the day.

To protect the gums, you can try using tea tree oil paste, which is more effective at killing bacteria than regular pastes.

It will be useful to know that you need vitamin D supplements in addition to herbal treatment methods.

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