Oral Health Care

As in all matters, there are well-known mistakes about dental health. Knowing these false myths and acting accordingly is very important for our health.

1-“My mouth produces much plaque”

Some people think that everyone has tartar or dental calculus, but this is wrong. Tartar is actually bacterial plaque and after a while people can not remove it from the tooth and it hardens because people do not brush or floss the tooth. This is the result of not paying attention to regular dental health every day.

2- “Floss and toothbrush damage my teeth”

Because of this thought of people, people do not take care their oral and dental health,so teeth and gum diseases emerge and infection occurs. The first sign of infection is bleeding. Dentists should apply correct treatments to prevent this. For example, brushing teeth gently and slowly, cleaning the dental plaque on the teeth every day will work, otherwise the tooth will become infected.

3- “Toothpastes and mouthwashes clean the teeth”

To keep our oral hygiene clean, we should brush and floss our teeth every day, but this does not really mean that we clean our teeth completely. Dentists recommend to use fluoride toothpaste, but this is not because it cleans the tooth. Gargles are likewise a nice treatment supplement, but they do not clean the tooth. Another mistake is that you should rinse your mouth a lot after tooth extraction. This can actually cause some complications. Oral hygiene is carried out not only by rinsing, but by the recommended maneuvers in any case.

4- “Pregnancy harms the teeth”

There are some myths such as each pregnancy costs a tooth or the theft of the mother’s dental calcium by the fetus, but these are not true. In addition, most people believe that pregnant women cannot go to the dentist, so some pregnant women delay their dental treatment and worsen the situation. In fact, dentists can apply all dental treatments to pregnant women, only caution is necessary in the third trimester. Therefore, pregnants should prevent situations requiring medication and visit the dentist more.

5- “Applying aspirin to a tooth relieves pain”

It is very unreasonable to apply this method of treatment because the bone will absorb it and it will damage the tooth and gum. If antibiotics or other treatment is necessary, it should be administered in the normal way.


6- “Cleanings damage my teeth”

Cleaning the teeth in a professional way always eliminates bacteria from the teeth. The tools used by dentists in Turkey never harm the teeth. Bleeding gums or infection can occur because you are not gentle with the teeth. With the help of a toothbrush and dental floss, bacteria should always be removed by slow and gentle maneuvers. It is the brushing method that matters, not the tool.

7- “Implants last forever”

Of course not every treatment will get you through forever, and everything has a lifetime. However, if the dental implant is made with quality materials, if it is applied by professional physicians, and the care and hygiene of the patient is taken seriously, the life will be longer. Of course, the job is up to you here. Getting rid of bad eating habits, quitting smoking, taking care of oral hygiene, and following the instructions of dentists will extend the life of the dental implant even more. If you want to get dental treatment from professional dentists in Turkey with lower prices and if you want to go for a dental holiday at the same time, you should not miss this opportunity.

8- “Milk teeth do not need to be treated”

Children should see a dentist from the moment their teeth erupt. This is important for children as their jaws will grow larger and their mouths mature. In cases of infection or trauma, they should be treated in a caring environment rather than forcing the child. This will make it easier for her/him to develop healthy habits.

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