You can find out some of the main dental treatments in this article that our professional dentists carry out in our dental clinic in Turkey. Besides you can always check other treatments that they apply on our website Dentist Travel Turkey.

Scale  And Polish

Your dentists in Kusadasi may choose scale and polish as your dental treatment in Turkey and they will clean your teeth professionally. They carry out this dental treatment to clean your teeth from the deposits on your teeth.


Braces improve teeth functioning and appearance. They are orthodontic dental treatments in Turkey and straighten your teeth. According to the patients’ demands, dentists can place braces as removable or fixed. They can be metal, ceramic, or even plastic. There are also invisible braces and dental technicians produce invisible braces from plastic. In Dentist Travel Turkey, we have braces available for adults and children depending on their needs.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

When you are a teenager in your twenties, the wisdom teeth grow at the back of your mouth. They are the last teeth that grow. People have 4 wisdom teeth. Sometimes the wisdom teeth grow partially, get stuck and they grow at the angle. When they grow like this, the name of this dental disease is impacted wisdom teeth. We remove impacted wisdom teeth. Your dentist in Kusadası may carry out wisdom tooth removal dental treatment in Turkey. Most people have this treatment in the world.

Teeth Treatments

Dental Implants in Kusadasi

Implants are fixed. They are not removable like dentures. Because of missing teeth, your mouth may shrink so implants can be the only choice. Dentists in Kusadasi apply implants to replace just a single tooth or more teeth. Dentists drill titanium screws into the jaw bone to fit an implant on it. After that, they place a crown bridge or denture. 

Teeth replacement dental treatments in Turkey take time. Because they need to be appropriate for your mouth and teeth. That means they can not be available on the same day. However our dentists provide temporary teeth during the preparation and healing process. Implants are generally expensive but they are lifetime investments for people that need teeth replacements whereas crowns need replacing again after a period of time. 

Dentures or Fake Teeth

In dentistry dentures are fake teeth. Dentists use them instead of natural teeth. Generally, they are a full set. To replace 1 or more teeth, dentists can use a partial denture. You can remove and clean them. On the other hand, you can brush your partial dentures as if they are your natural teeth. Patients should remove the full set of dentures to clean and put them in a solution. Our dentists in Kusadasi advise this dental treatment in Turkey since missing teeth prevent you from eating and change your mouth look.