There is no known harm to teeth whitening applications. A series of positive reactions completely eliminate Tooth enamel tissues, which have started to color with whitening applications, and at the end of this process, there is no possible loss of dental tissues. However, depending on the teeth whitening methods, some sensitivity may occur temporarily in the teeth and gums.

It is very common to completely eliminate these sensitivity-related problems with simple applications. As a result, teeth whitening applications that a dentist in Kusadasi perform do not harm the teeth in any way. These applications are only to eliminate the color problems in the teeth, to protect the teeth, and to enable people to use their teeth in a healthy way for a much longer period of time.

The Success Rate of Bleaching Treatment

Along with all these, the success rate of bleaching treatment in dental center Turkey teeth whitening clinics may differ from patient to patient. How permanent the white teeth obtained as a result of bleaching treatments will be directly related to personal habits during and after treatment. After treatment procedures in dental clinics in Kusadasi, people should stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, hookahs, and cigars for 1-2 weeks.


In addition, it is not recommended to consume tomato paste, coffee derivatives, tea, and acidic beverages during the first few weeks. After bleaching, patients should carefully brush their teeth and avoid coloring matter as much as possible. If such issues are not taken into consideration, the whitened teeth begin to color negatively in a short time. However, physician recommendations are also very important in this process. Get our teeth whitening treatment at the best prices while you are having holiday in Turkey.

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