Our natural tooth roots are firmly fixed and well protected in a structure called the periodontium. Each natural tooth and tooth root physiologically connect to the tooth sockets in the jawbone with the help of tight connective tissue fibers.
This is where the biggest difference between dental implants and natural tooth roots starts. These endogenous connective tissue fibers does not exist in implants because the implants attach directly to the jawbone without fibers in between.
For this reason, inflammation of the gums surrounding the implant creates spaces where bacteria can directly reach the jawbone.

The longer you delay the teeth treatment, the faster the bacteria will travel to the implant root, and eventually, peri-implantitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the implant) develops.
With regular oral and implant care, you can largely prevent the development of peri-implantitis by keeping your gums tight and clean. So how is implant cleaning done?


Cleaning of Dental Implants after your Dental Holiday in Turkey

The same care you need to do for your natural teeth is valid for your dental implants. For optimum implant cleaning, brush your teeth daily, preferably at least twice a day, after every meal.

Implant care and do not carelessly clean your teeth, quickly and indiscriminately. Each tooth has 3 accessible surfaces. Be sure to carefully clean all surfaces of your teeth and make sure you spend at least 2 minutes for the entire mouth.

As an electric toothbrush removes up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, we recommend using it.

Your dentist in our Kusadasi Dental Center will tell you which electric toothbrush is the most suitable for you by evaluating with your oral findings.

Choose a suitable brush head for your toothbrush. A smaller, rounded brush head rather than a very long and large brush head can help clean your teeth more effectively.

Take care to use a round brush. These types of brushes prevent you from irritating your gums by forcing them unnecessarily.

For implant cleaning, do not brush your teeth too aggressively and with too much pressure. The pressure causes the gums to thin and weaken over time. Weak and thin gums around the implant can get sick more easily and gingivitis may develop.

The open and bent brush head prevents you from cleaning your teeth effectively, so you need to replace it regularly as it will cause more bacteria to accumulate.

Floss the visible surfaces of your teeth as well as the spaces between the teeth. Remember that these surfaces are the most suitable surfaces for bacteria accumulation.

For larger gaps between teeth, an interface brush is more suitable. Especially in implant applications, the use of an interface brush is a mandatory measure in some cases.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Visit your Kusadasi dentist in our Dental Center Turkey regularly at least twice a year and have a professional dental cleaning at our clinic in Turkey. They use high-quality products as well as technology.

Mouthwashes are recommended to clean your implant-supported prostheses better, but they do not significantly improve the care of your implant, according to studies.

However; Taste neutralization perceived by mouthwash use is perceived by many patients as a positive side effect.

If you do the implant maintenance and cleaning as we recommend, it will serve you for many years.

If you did not replace your teeth yet, you should check dental holiday Turkey and dentists in Kusadasi