The Process of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal and Third Molar Removal surgeries are very common in Dentist Travel Turkey dental clinic in Kusadasi in Turkey. Four Wisdom Teeth are the last ones to grow among human teeth. 

Generally, people have their wisdom teeth when they are twenty or after their twenties. Because wisdom teeth are the last ones to grow, there will not be enough place for them to grow when it is their time. For this reason, they sometimes stuck in the gums. In orthodontics, its name is impacted tooth.

People That Have Wisdom Teeth Problems Should See an Orthodontist 

When the wisdom teeth start causing tooth pain. Only an orthodontist can decide if the wisdom teeth need teeth removal. The orthodontists that work in Dentist Travel Turkey dental clinic in Turkey diagnose impacted teeth by taking patients’ mouth x rays. They can easily understand where exactly the impacted wisdom tooth locates. 

Wisdom Teeth Removal

What Happens if The Wisdom Teeth is not Removed?

Our professional orthodontists in Kusadasi state that people not experiencing any toothache because of wisdom teeth, generally do not have to have wisdom teeth removal. Because there is not any proven harm of these teeth. However wisdom teeth have not come out causes oral and dental problems. Some of these problems are:

  • benignant growths and vesicles (swelling on your cheeks and gums)
  • abscission
  • infections in the mouth
  • periodontal diseases

Dentists can heal these diseases by prescribing antibiotics. Oral and dental healthcare products can also be helpful to cure these dental problems. Our professional orthodontists in Kusadasi prefer teeth removal when these teeth treatments are not useful. Orthodontists in Kusadasi also operate wisdom teeth removal procedures according to the national healthcare procedures.

The Procedure of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Experienced and knowledgeable orthodontists remove wisdom teeth successfully. They inform their patients about the wisdom teeth removal procedure and get their consent form. They anesthetize around the tooth locally that they will remove. Patients only feel a little pressure on the tooth. If patients have impacted wisdom tooth, orthodontists may need a laser cut in the patient’s gum. However, it is a minor cut and because the area is numb, patients do not feel pain.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal 

Patients might have swelling and bleeding in their mouth. If the bleeding stops, there is no need to worry. Applying a cold compress is helpful to stop bleeding and swelling. They can continue their oral and dental healthcare after 24 hours. The healing process of wisdom teeth extractions generally takes 2 weeks. 

How Much Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Turkey

It depends on the dental clinic that you choose and the teeth treatment according to your needs and demands. Our orthodontists in Kusadasi Dentist Travel Turkey dental clinic do not prefer Wisdom Teeth Removal as a first option.

Because of treating wisdom teeth to come out is healthier for every patient instead of removing their teeth and placing implants. For this reason, patients must see an orthodontist before they have wisdom teeth removal. Because dentists can treat impacted wisdom teeth and they will be healthy and functional even if they are inside.