Gummy Smile Treating in Turkey

You can read other articles about gummy smile on our website to learn more about the underlying reasons for a gummy smile. There are many gummy smile treatments in the world and Turkey. In that case, how dentists perform a Gummy Smile Treating in Turkey. 

3 Treatment Options for Gummy Smile in Turkey

First Option is Oral Surgery

Gingivectomy is a dental procedure when gums are too large and cover people’s  teeth. In this process, Dentists remove unnecessary gum tissue.

How do Turkish Surgeons Perform Oral Surgery?

Your experienced oral surgeon or periodontist in Dentist Travel Turkey gives you local anaesthetics and uses a laser to cut the unnecessary parts of your gums that cover your teeth. As a result, your teeth become visible. However your gums can bleed, you do not need to worry since they heal in a week. In European countries, the gingivectomy price per tooth is 400 dollars. However experienced and well-trained Turkish surgeons perform the same procedure for Gummy Smile Treating in Turkey cheaper because Turkish currency is less worthy than the currencies of european countries.

Second Option to Treat Gummy Smile is Repositioning Lip

If your upper lip is the reason for your gummy smile, your dental surgeon can perform repositioning lip surgery. This means repositioning your upper lip that moves too high, so your lip can cover your gums enough. Patients heal in a week. 

Gummy Smile Treating in Turkey

Third Option is Orthognathic Surgery

If your jaws have grown too much, this procedure is necessary to treat your gummy smile in Turkey. It costs more than 30.000 dollars in European Countries. You will need more than one appointment and more planning during this procedure because it is more complicated surgery than others. Surgeons use general anesthetics during this procedure. After the surgery, you will heal in 5 or 10 weeks.

There are also other treatment options for Gummy Smile Treating in Turkey. To learn more about other procedures and prices, you can get in touch with our patient consultants.