How many hours does wisdom tooth surgery take?

Surgery for impacted teeth usually takes around 15-60 minutes in dentistry in Turkey. The position of the tooth and its relationship with the bone can change this period.

Is wisdom tooth extraction difficult?

Reasons such as the position of the tooth that needs extraction in the jaw and limits mouth opening may prolong the operation time. However, dentists perform all these surgical operations under local anesthesia and the patient does not face any wisdom teeth pain in the jaw.

How many wisdom teeth are there?

Generally in the lower and upper jaw; There are 4 wisdom teeth, right and left. Some or none of these teeth may come out in some individuals.

What is good for wisdom tooth pain?

During the tooth eruption period, keeping the area cold, clove oil and saltwater mouthwash can be beneficial for gum pain. However, if the tooth has not yet come out or has decayed, you may need to see a dentist.

How do wisdom teeth come out?

In dentistry in Turkey, where there is enough distance in the jaw to fit the tooth, the tooth usually comes out without any problems. However, if there is not enough distance for the tooth to come out or if the tooth positions incorrectly, in these cases our Dentists in our Kusadasi dental policlinics may extract the tooth.

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How long does the swelling last after wisdom tooth extraction?

The swelling that occurs after the operation usually passes between 3 and 7 days. After the operation, symptoms such as bad breath and high fever may be signs of an infection in the extraction area. If your swelling continues after this process, if there are restrictions and bleeding in the mouth opening, you should see your doctor. On the other hand, you can always call our dental clinics if you are continuing your dental holiday in Turkey.

When will the wisdom tooth come out?

Mental teeth generally appear between the ages of 17-22. However, teeth that are impacted due to lack of space may show signs of growth at later ages. If you are over the age of 16, it is a good idea to see one of our Kusadasi dentists to check the condition of your teeth.

Where does the wisdom tooth come out?

Three of them are molar teeth, located on the right and left sides of the lower and upper jaw. It arises at the very back of the jaw towards the throat, behind the second molar teeth.

How long does the pain last after wisdom tooth extraction?

After the removal of the teeth embedded in the bone, pain and swelling may last up to 3-7 days. If swelling and pain continue at the end of this process, or if there are complaints such as high fever, persistent active bleeding, and bad breath in the days after the operation, you may need to consult your dentist. If you book your teeth treatment in Kusadasi in Turkey, remember Kusadasi is a popular tourist attraction, so you can have a marvelous dental holiday in Turkey as well.

My wisdom tooth does not cause any discomfort, should I still have it pulled?

Even if you do not have any complaints about your teeth, you should talk to your dentist. Your tooth will be evaluated according to the clinical examination you will have and the x-ray film you will take. If there is no problem in its position and does not cause infection, bruising, bad breath, it may not be withdrawn. But it should not be forgotten that these problems do not occur overnight. Gradually pains or bad breath may occur with the passage of time. In order to avoid these and similar situations, you may want your tooth extracted. There are many teeth replacements like dental implants, zirconia crowns, porcelain crowns, veneers, all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants.

What is the time to pull wisdom teeth?

There is no particular time for wisdom teeth to be extracted. However, the range you prefer may be between the ages of 20 and 30 so that the healing process can be rapid after your tooth extraction. Because the healing times of tooth extractions made after the age of 40 are long, operations are performed more difficult.

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