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Finger sucking habit is a phenomenon. It occurs in the first years of children’s infancy. However, if they do not stop their finger sucking habits as they get older, it may affect the bone structures and may cause deterioration in the teeth. In this case, gaps may occur between teeth.

Do Baby Bottles Affect Teeth?

The urge to suck is very strong in young babies. However, if Babies do not quit this behaviour on time, it can damage the structure of the teeth. When babies do not quit the use of finger sucking, bottles and pacifiers in time, they will put pressure on bone structures and disrupt the direction of the teeth. It is possible to see this disorder mostly in the upper anterior and lower anterior teeth. The sucking habit will directly affect these teeth. If Babies abandone these habit in time, the gaps between the teeth will close.

What are the Side Effects of Thumb Sucking?

Problems such as lower teeth being ahead of upper teeth or upper teeth being ahead of lower teeth
Damage or sensitivity of the palate structure
Formation of jaw position that can create speech impediment
Increased likelihood of harmful bacteria and germs settling in the mouth
Skin and nail problems on the fingers
Exclusion by peers

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Does Finger Sucking Habit Cause Perplexed Teeth?

As we mentioned, it is a normal situation to disrupt the jaw and bone structures with finger sucking habit. With this deterioration, the teeth can continue to develop as perplexed. This may cause problems for your children in terms of health and vision. The crooked teeth can cause difficulties in terms of cleaning, such as brushing. Decay formation will become more common in teeth that are not cleaned and maintained completely. It can affect children emotionally negatively, as it will become uncomfortable for children. Timely treatments will return positively.

Approach to Children With Finger Sucking Habits

Child development is a period that parents should carry out with great care and attention. At this stage, mothers and fathers have a great responsibility. The reason for the finger sucking habit should be well observed. Because in some cases, environmental factors can affect finger sucking habits. If the finger sucking habit is not controlled, it may cause disorders in the jaw structure. You need to communicate well with your child. Avoid being oppressive because this situation can make the child more angry and make the behavior. Be sure to consult a qualified dentist about this situation. Specifically, Dentist Travel Turkey clinic will provide you all information and service.