Implant and Bridge Differences

Dental implant cost in Turkey

When it comes to bridge and implant treatments, patients generally rely on cost as the decision factor for their treatment options, and this approach can be deceptive. Implant treatment in general usually costs more than bridges. However, in Turkey, you can pay half of the price you pay in your country.  Look at, Dental implant cost in Turkey

In addition, an implant that dentists place in patients mouth instead of missing teeth will remain in the mouth for life. There is no aging of the tooth on it and the gum remains in the mouth as long as its healthy. However, bridge teeth have a certain life span and need replacing at the end of this period. Although implant treatment is an expensive option in terms of initial cost, the cost of a successfully applied quality implant is lower than bridges when we consider them in the long term.

The prices of dental bridge treatment may vary depending on the bridge type, number of missing teeth, geographic location and many factors. In this respect, if you are looking for a restoration that you can use for many years by paying a good price in one go, but if you are looking for a solution with low budgets, the bridge is the option.


Implant Treatment Process 

Implant applications are progressive treatments consisting of several stages. Although sometimes there are options where it is possible to wear the implant and the tooth on the same day, this is not suitable for every patient. Your dentist in Turkey can generally insert an implant within 20 minutes and the recovery time is also relatively faster. Most patients can return to work and other normal social activities the next day. However, dentists expect osseointegration of the screw and bone after 2-3 months. After osseointegration, dentists take the measurement and technicians manufacture the tooth that dentists will place on it within an average of one week.

In the dental bridge, dentists take the impression on the day of the start of the process and they attach the bridge teeth within the same week. However, it can be more invasive as dentists have to reduce the surrounding teeth to support the bridge permanently. There is also a short recovery period in bridge treatment. There may be minimal gum pain after the dentist puts the bridge in place. However, this situation generally disappears after a few days. There may be a need for some time and adjustment while eating with the dental bridge. It may be necessary to avoid chewing or hard foods and to break down softer foods into smaller pieces until you get used to them.

Durability of Implants

Implants are made to stay in the mouth for a lifetime as long as the gums and jawbone are healthy. The lifetime of bridges is approximately 10 to 12 years. Implants also support jaw health and keep bone healthy and strong. This situation positively affects the shape of the face and oral health as we age. Implants naturally mimic the feel of a real tooth, along with the function of a real tooth, and look much better than bridges overall.

If we evaluate as bridge prosthesis tooth or implant in terms of durability; If you do regular oral care and are looking for a long-lasting treatment, implant treatment may be a better option. You can get your implant treatment from our well-qualified dentists in Turkey while you have your dental holiday.